Barrier Banner (Graphic only)


Si usted ya dispone de una estructura de la Valla Publicitaria, aquí le ofrecemos la posibilidad de adquirir sólo la gráfica! Al tratarse de un tejido muy manejable y que no se arruga, usted mismo podrá colocarlo en la estructura. No necesita sujecciones especiales porque se trata de una funda que se pone por la parte de arriba de la valla.



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If you already have a Barrier Banner structure, here we offer you the possibility of acquiring only the graphic! As it is a very manageable fabric that does not wrinkle, you can place it on the structure yourself. It does not need special fasteners because it is a cover that is placed on the top of the fence.

Our graphics are sublimated with the most modern techniques, using high quality inks, without lead or other harmful components, which provide vibrant and bright colors that will not lose quality with the rain, the sun, or the passage of time. For little money you can reuse the same support for different events.

  • The design is not included, you should send it to
  • The design is double-sided and can be different (205 x 90cm)
  • Special measurements can be made (for other fences)
  • Easily interchangeable graphic
  • Made with DLand® fabric made from reclaimed plastic
  • 100% graphically customizable
  • Sublimated in photographic quality and in full color in its entirety
  • Fabric can be machine washed and ironed

También se puede adquirir la gráfica con la estructura

This product has been designed and produced by hand by DLand®. We are not intermediaries, that’s why we can customize even ONLY ONE unit. At DLand we have a system of work that is respectful of the environment and people, and some of the people who make our articles are at risk of social exclusion and are of proximity.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 40 x 25 x 2 cm


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