3 Buildings bag

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Build the city of solidarity and ecology!

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Converts the packaging into toys in only 3 seconds. Each bag contains 3 different models, of different sizes and designs. There are many sizes to be able to adapt to the different packaging, the first “game” will be to find which container best fits each DLand® building, then you can start create your city! You can complement it with the DLand® Roadplates and the accessors to make a city with all the details.

This collection reproduces buildings to build a city with its streets, traffic signs, shops, services … etc.
There are more than 100 different models and each model has different variants, therefore we have thousands of different buildings!

DLand® covers can be washed, ironed, they do not require any maintenance, and they can be carried in your pocket to be able to play anywhere

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Weight 28.0000 g
Dimensions 18.0000 x 13.0000 x 0.5000 cm


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