There are many companies that use a wide range of merchandising products to promote their brand, their trade and give presence to their corporate image. The usual thing is to buy these items from companies that buy it from a dealer and then customize it to offer it to their customers. This procedure is the usual one, but it has many drawbacks;

  • The articles are always the same and everyone uses the same bags, the same lanyards, the same key chains … which gives a boring image with little identity
  • The minimums to manufacture these products are usually high, which does not favor small companies and businesses that often accumulate boxes of merchandising products that will end up in the trash.
  • We do not know the authentic origin of these articles, neither who nor how they have been manufactured, nor where, although in 99% of cases it comes from Asia.
  • These articles do not usually meet any sustainability standard or respect for the environment

DLand designs and manufactures its own items, so they are exclusive. These articles are made with a fabric made of recovered plastic and made by people at risk of social exclusion. We have absolute control of each step in the chain and this involves direct contact between manufacturer and customer. Our business model is based on the circular and proximity economy, avoiding transportation and customs costs.