DLand® items are made from a fabric that has been made from reclaimed plastic. With the plastic that is recovered thanks to the selection plants where the contents of the yellow containers arrive. But there is also a lot of plastic that does not reach the yellow containers (or any other container), but ends up accumulated in a landfill, incinerated or worse, forming part of our environment; the oceans, seas, swamps, rivers, beaches, forests, on the shoulders of all roads … damaging the environment and the biodiversity that inhabits it.


ECO DLand, the power of each of us to reduce global waste.

PROBLEM: Millions of single-use containers are added daily to garbage or end up scattered indiscriminately in rivers, beaches, oceans, forests, etc …, causing serious damage to the environment in an uncontrolled way. An obvious problem, if we think that a bottle of water or a can of soda will live with “us” for hundreds of years (when they have a useful life of a few weeks from when they leave the bottling plant until the consumer throws it away).

SOLUTION: It is necessary to reduce the number of waste, consuming environmentally friendly products, recycling or reusing them to give them another use. We must be the consumers who demand this change, we must say ENOUGH PLASTIC OF A SINGLE USE! and stop buying those products that use them. This change is already being made!


We, together with other organizations and with the voluntary collaboration of many people, organize and participate in cleaning the beaches, forests and rivers of the Costa Brava (Girona, Catalonia).

Within our possibilities, we try to collect everything that should not be part of the environment and everything that can be recovered to be recycled and converted into raw material.

Thanks from here for the participation and collaboration of all these people, entities, companies, organizations and associations, without them it would not be possible.